My Current Projects

My debut novel, Just One Night (a chick lit / Rom Com), is now available wherever books are sold!!

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Liz, a paralegal from New York, has all but resigned herself to a life of mediocrity. When she reluctantly accompanies her friends on a trip to Las Vegas, she decides that her life must change, and she breaks her engagement. Ben, a screenwriter from California, is about to change his own life by selling his screenplay at a meeting with a business executive in Las Vegas, when his wife blindsides him with divorce papers. The two meet at a chance encounter in Las Vegas, and pretend to be married to each other to avoid the advances of other would-be suitors; this farce snowballs into another evening, and finally they are faced with the task of acting as a married couple for the entire weekend and have to admit that they might be developing feelings for each other. But are their feelings based in truth or have they just gotten caught up in the theatrics of the weekend?

Check out my on-going paranormal KindleVella series, Windows. No clue where its heading, but it will surely be weird and freaky.

The B Side is a novel that I’m currently working on that I hope to finish up in early 2023. It follows the life of Annie, a sometimes diner waitress, sometimes novice writer, who navigates a life that seems to always find her circling around rock bottom.