Tom’s Corner

I’ve reserved this spot for updates on my husband’s projects!

I’m super proud to announce that my husband has just completed his second novel SOUL MATES – it is available on Kindle and in Paperback from Amazon: Soul Mates Its a supernatural thriller! Here’s a pic of the cover art, completed by his friend Sonny. (side note – I’m the eye model!)


Tom’s first novel, SENTINEL EVENT, is available in paperback and for your kindle/kindle reader app. It is available on both and createspace’s e-store. Thanks to his friend Sonny, for designing the amazing cover art! Here is a pic of the paperback, and a link to purchase the ebook or the paperback version: 

Sentinel Event – Paperback Edition

Sentinel Event for Kindle


Also, Tom is in the process of developing a cartoon (with his friend Sonny, the cover artist that I mentioned above) called Idiot Tv. Its an adult cartoon (in the genre of Family Guy, Rick & Morty, Archer, etc) that follows the antics of a public access TV station, one of the TV hosts, Corey,  and a local band with whom he is friendly. Here are some of the short clips that they’ve completed so far!  Did I mention that I voice one of the characters?

Ed’s Special Delivery

 April Farts Day

Music Video Contest
Stay tuned for some more short clips!!

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