Kitty’s Lit Picks

I could never choose a single book that could hold the title of my “favorite” book of all time, however, when asked (and as an English professor, people actually DO ask me this from time to time) I do have a short list of my top five “must reads.”

These are in no particular order… I love them all in their own special way, and I look forward to adding more sensational books to this list. There are many other books that I really and truly enjoyed, but these are books that moved me in some way.

My husband described 11/22/63 as a “really dark Back to the Future” and I think its a very apt description. This book is LONG – you’ll fracture your foot if it falls on it – but it is a page turner. What a great book. Don’t worry – its not super Stephen King-ish at all. Read it.

download (2)

Every female MUST read The Red Tent. It follows the life of a minor biblical woman (Dinah) from before her birth until after her death. You’ll experience every emotion that a human can experience with her. Its a cathartic book. Read it!!


As you can see from the picture, this is actually a series of books. A LONG series of books. The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I didn’t want to read these, but Tom really wanted me to share the experience with him and I am so glad that I did. It took 7 months for me to complete these books (and I still have not read A Wind Through the Keyhole, yet) but they left me emotionally exhausted. But in a good way, I guess. I really felt like the characters in these books became a part of my life.


Memoirs of a Geisha is probably the most beautifully written book that I’ve every read. Every single sentence is well crafted and almost poetic. A wonderful coming of age story, like the Red Tent. Every woman should read this. I’ve read it three times!

download (3)

Jane Eyre is a classic for a reason. Jane is a feminist and she doesn’t even know it. I’ve read this novel four times and I’m always touched by Jane’s strength of character and her sense of self. I recommend this book to all of my college age female students. Its a great story of empowerment.


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