Kitty’s Lit Picks

I could never choose a single book that could hold the title of my “favorite” book of all time, however, when asked (and as a former English professor, people actually DO ask me this from time to time) I do have a short list of my top five “must reads.”

These are in no particular order… I love them all in their own special way, and I look forward to adding more sensational books to this list. There are many other books that I really and truly enjoyed, but these are books that moved me in some way.

My husband described 11/22/63 as a “really dark Back to the Future” and I think its a very apt description. This book is LONG – you’ll fracture your foot if it falls on it – but it is a page turner. What a great book. Don’t worry – its not super Stephen King-ish at all. Read it.

download (2)

Every female MUST read The Red Tent. It follows the life of a minor biblical woman (Dinah) from before her birth until after her death. You’ll experience every emotion that a human can experience with her. Its a cathartic book. Read it!!


As you can see from the picture, this is actually a series of books. A LONG series of books. The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I didn’t want to read these, but Tom really wanted me to share the experience with him and I am so glad that I did. It took 7 months for me to complete these books (and I still have not read A Wind Through the Keyhole, yet) but they left me emotionally exhausted. But in a good way, I guess. I really felt like the characters in these books became a part of my life.


Memoirs of a Geisha is probably the most beautifully written book that I’ve every read. Every single sentence is well crafted and almost poetic. A wonderful coming of age story, like the Red Tent. Every woman should read this. I’ve read it three times!

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Jane Eyre is a classic for a reason. Jane is a feminist and she doesn’t even know it. I’ve read this novel four times and I’m always touched by Jane’s strength of character and her sense of self. I recommend this book to all of my college age female students. Its a great story of empowerment.


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