Baby Jake Arrives!

After a much-complained-about pregnancy (did you know that I hated being pregnant!?) we welcomed our son, Jake Thomas, into the world on Wednesday May 18, 2016. Here’s a picture of our peanut in the hospital. He was a little over 8 pounds, so after 17 hours of labor (horrible, btw) I ended up having an emergency C-section.

And now we haven’t slept in two months! Lucky for Jake he’s cute; if he wasn’t I would have donated him weeks ago!

Here are a few of Jake’s newborn photos, taken by my super talented friend, Christine. (Please visit her page Christine Melissa Photography if you’re looking for an awesome baby/family/lifestyle photographer!)

Fast forward 5 years later… he’s a psychopath and I think that any woman that has more than one child has to be certifiable.