All Things Heather

Hi, friends. Most of you actually know me in real life, but for those of you who don’t, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Heather. Here I am, at age 3, on Easter Sunday. Please note, this is STILL my morning face.


About me… Well, I previously taught as an adjunct professor of English at Suffolk Community College in Selden,  NY.   I graduated from Stony Brook University – BA English & Art History/Criticism; MA English Literature. I married my husband, Tom (pictured below) in 2008, and we currently have three kitty cats and one insane kindergartener. I have been singing/cantoring at my church St. Mary’s East Islip for over 20 years. Here is a link to a pretty rough recording that I made of myself singing the Ave Maria. Pay no attention to the dancing ceramic cats. 

I’m currently focusing more on my writing, and hope to resurrect this blog and finally finish a novel that I began eight years ago.

Some Heather…

Here I am on my wedding day, 10/11/08.


Love yoga, but I’m pretty terrible!


And, here are some cats on a windowsill…


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