Fall Fashion Wants + 3 Fall Goals

I have sorely neglected this blog for a long time.

And I’m certainly not going to promise that I will start directing more attention toward it, but as I count the days until summer’s long ass, hot ass days finally give way to fall’s cool nights and good hair days, I feel compelled to share some fall forecast stuff with you all. And by “you all” I mean the 3 people who will follow the link (hi, Lee-Ann!) and read this.

So, without further ado, here are all of the things fashion that I’m excited about for fall 2022:

Note: with the exception of the photos that are clearly of me, I do not own the rights to any of these images. I’m just showing you pics that i liked. They’re just randoms that I have found on Pinterest or the Internet at large.

All the burgundy & teal things 🍂

Fall makes me think about the colors of the changing leaves and all of that chlorophyll crap… but I am a “deep winter” and, thus, I look ill in colors like orange, mustard, green, etc.

But a deep purple-ish burgundy & a dark, dark teal? Love them! Here are some that stood out to me, and also one that I found of myself in a burgundy cardigan 🍂

Wide leg/high waist pants & jeans 🍂

I cannot tell you how happy I am that skinny jeans and pants aren’t really popular anymore! Like, I’m a hardcore pear. Those styles were basically equivalent to me slapping a wide load sticker across my rear. Yay for wide leg, and bonus for a high waist, which makes even shortish legs, like mine, look super long.

Wear now & wear later dresses 🍂

I am not really a big wearer of dresses. Friends, when you have thunder thighs you just feel more comfortable with a layer of fabric between your legs. But I do enjoy a dress now and again, and because I own so few, I especially like when they last from season to season. I like that you can swap out sandals for booties, throw on a denim jacket & wear these well into fall.

70s Academic Style 🍂

If an outfit looks like I could have worn it traipsing around Yale circa 1972, well then I am all in. Bonus if it involves a tweed blazer without elbow patches.

A few new accessories 🍂

Its the little things, like these handmade earrings (check her Instagram- I left it at the top of the image. She’s a former coworker) fresh booties or a deeply colored fall tote.

And now… three personal goals for Fall 🍂

Publish my novel & complete my 2nd 🍂

My first novel, Just One Night, I hope will be out and about in some capacity this fall. I’ve been querying, to no avail, and if I don’t have any leads by October I may just self-publish. I hope to complete novel #2, The B Side, by December.

Get rid of my c-section pouch 🍂


Get 7 hours of sleep 🍂

I used to love sleep, then… Jake. It’s hard, because I am a true night owl 🦉 and I’m not usually tired until around 1am!!

Andddddd that’s all for today. Will I blog again soon? Well, as you can see I haven’t added to my to-do list!

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