An Early Spring Fix

In my pre-Jake days, you know, those days when money cascaded from the sky like abundant white little snowflakes and my belly was as flat as, hm, I don’t know, a wooden board or something… well, back in those days, I used to indulge in Stitch fix twice a month. I’ve become a bit more selective these days, since I have a belly full of jelly and a wallet full of pennies. But, the shopping gods smiled upon me… on a whim, about a month ago, I scheduled myself a fix due to arrive right around my birthday (pi day!) and as luck would have it, Tom surprised me with a $50 gift card for Stitch Fix!

So, if you are new to Stitch Fix, let me tell you a bit about it. You fill out an extensive style/fit profile, and then people magically send you stuff that you can buy. That’s pretty much it. Interested? Follow my link, b/c I can get some free cash toward a future fix or something… —> Go here!!! Heather’s SF link!!

Anyhow, here is what I received! I only kept ONE item this time, but it’s still fun to try on all of this stuff in my own home, with my own pants/shoes/etc. A note: The black pants you see here I actually received in a fix a couple of months ago and I LOVE them. They are not a style I typically prefer (I’m all about wide leg pants) but I took a chance and I wear them all the time. For reference, they are the “Fia Cuffed Straight Trouser” from Tribal, in case you want to request them in a fix of your own.

I apologize in advance, but I tossed out the “style cards” so I can’t recall the details for many of these items!! Sorry!!

Jeez, as I review these pics I realize maybe I should up my Iron dosage because I am P A L E! Someone recommend a good bronzer, please! And remind me that pigtails make me look like a jackass. Thanks.

First up is this billow sleeve top. Its aight. Feels a bit tent-y to me. And I now know that I absolutely HATE billow sleeves. So annoying. It went back. Also a terrible color on me!!

I do know this second top is from the brand Daniel Rainn because it’s a brand I’ve gotten from SF before. I liked it. I didn’t keep it because 1) it was a little baggy, and I’m in the middle of a weight loss thing 2) It was… SIXTY EIGHT DOLLARS. Sorry. Nope. $68 for a top!?!? MAYBE for a stellar pair of jeans, or a timeless dress, but not for a little floral blouse that I could probably find (a similar one) at Marshalls for $16.99

So, they also sent me this navy blue cardigan because I specifically requested cardigans. It went back. It was way too big (as you can see in pic 2) but I actually prefer cardigans with buttons. I just feel like these drapey front sweaters are too hard to fold, and they end up pissing me off. But how nice are my pewter Tieks???

Next up is this knit dress. It was fine. I’d probably throw a sweater over it and call it a day, but it was a cotton knit, and I know that ultimately I’ll most definitely shrink this item in the wash. It went back.

But, Heather, you’re saying, it seems like you hate EVERYTHING. Well, I don’t HATE it, I’ve just decided to be really selective this year when choosing items to add to my wardrobe. But this last dress made it all worth it!! It is the “Arnett Faux Wrap Knit Dress” from Kaileigh (you can access your purchased items, so I’m able to give you the full info on this one!) and it was $54. I love the color, and I love that it is a FAUX wrap dress… because I am incapable of keeping an actual wrap dress closed. And I think this will fit even better when I lose a few pounds. PS – if you like my little sandal booties, they’re LC Lauren Conrad, from Kohls, and are surprisingly comfortable. As I mentioned in Five Truths, I generally cannot function in heels, but these are chunky and don’t cut at my toe.

So, thats it! Give it a go. I’ve already scheduled another for 3 weeks from now – hoping to score some pretty spring tops, some wide leg pants, and a white denim jacket! Happy shopping, friends!

xoxo – h


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