Stitch Fix Greatest Hits!!

It seems hard to believe but I have had a hot and heavy relationship going with Stitch Fix since August 2013.  So, our two-year anniversary is coming up next month!


Here is what you do. First you follow my referral link, because you love me and I’ll get $25 credit for every person who signs up via my link, here:


You pay $20. You fill out a massive style profile. Your likes. Your dislikes. Your measurements. How you like your clothing to fit. You look at pictures. You do an ink blot test. You include all kinds of links, like to your Pinterest pages, or your blog (like me!) choose once a month delivery (or more or less often, if you choose) And then you get assigned a personal stylist. This person picks out 5 items that they think you’ll like based on what you’ve written. Free shipping/Free returns. You try the items on, if you like, you buy. If not, you send them all back without penalty. If you do buy an item, the $20 that you spend for the service is deducted from the cost. Oh, and there’s only sales tax if you live in California where the business is based. Awesome!!


You pick your style. Your price range. Maybe you only want tops. Or dresses. Or earrings. They’ll accommodate.

I’ve been doing it, as I mentioned for quite a while now, so I fancy  myself an expert. About a year and a half ago they sponsored a contest on Pinterest called “My Day in Stitch Fix” and I actually won the contest – $250 credit! So, I was able to shop off of that for quite awhile. But, once that ran out and I was using my own money, I got a little more serious about my likes, dislikes, feedback, and my stylist. In the past, I felt like I was being shuffled from stylist to stylist, and I wasn’t quite sure that they were taking my likes, dislikes, and requests into consideration. So, you know what I did? I wrote them a long letter and detailed my concerns. They were great. Their customer service really listened to my needs, and for the last eight months or so I’ve had the same stylist – Julia.

This is her:


Ok, its not. I have no idea what she looks like, but this is how I like to imagine her, and she is fantastic. She really listens to my notes and tries to fulfill my needs to the fullest capacity. She’s awesome. So, once you find a stylist with whom you click, make sure you let them know that you want to stay with this person! Its paramount. PARAMOUNT I TELL YOU.

I haven’t blogged about Stitch Fix in awhile, so I took some time this weekend to have my poor husband take photos of me in some of my most favorite SF items of all time. Some of my favorite shirts are ones that I have received from Stitch Fix; in fact, I recently had a friend tell me, while I was wearing one of said shirts, that I had “the best shirts ever.” I really enjoy that the items from SF aren’t ones that EVERYONE else has, and now that I’ve drastically cut back my shopping, I’m relying on my monthly delivery from Julia to fill any holes that I find in my current wardrobe. Last month I asked for a pair of black skinny jeans with ankle zippers and she delivered; next box I’m asking for some dresses for an upcoming wedding that I’ll be attending in October. I’m excited to see what she sends!

PS – I keep a board on Pinterest that contains some of items that I receive – both good and bad – so please follow!

I received the Lindi Crochet Panel Woven Blouse in Cobalt blue top last June and I wear it often. It came with a cami to wear beneath. My only complaint is that it pulls very easily, and that makes me sad.


Maxi Skirt – Stitch Fix – Renee C – $58 (Top & Flip flops are from LOFT)


I cannot recall the name of this top, that I also received in June of 2014. But it sure is pretty. Look at the detail of the top! I’m wearing this with shorts from Loft and some awesome vegan sandals from Mia that I got at Marshalls for $24.99.imageimage

I was very confused when my stylist sent me this arrow detail necklace way back when. There was nothing in my profile that indicated I’d like it. I’m not into archery. I’ve never even seen Robin Hood from start to finish. But, I kept it because I didn’t like anything else in that particular fix and I didn’t want to lose my $20. Let me tell you. I wear this necklace at LEAST 5 times a week. It is my favorite. Who knew?


I recently have made the switch to leather-free products, so I asked Julia to please send me a neutral vegan tote. She sent me this purse, from Street Level. It is reversible brown/black. I’ve only worn it on the brown side, but its nice to have the option. It was $48.


Oh these pants!! I just love these pants. Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny jean. $78. More than I’d ever spend on jeans, but oh my goodness. They make me feel 10 pounds thinner when I put them on. For some of my super enlightening thoughts on skinny jeans, go here: (Why I Wear Skinnies…) Here they are with my super favorite Safari Photographer Vest from Max Jeans (Marshalls $34.99)



So, there you have it. Some (but not all of!) my favorite items that I’ve received. Stay tuned to see what I get in my August 24th fix when I’ve asked for dresses and some neutral colored basics!

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