Kitty Does Stitch Fix… Take 11

Hello friends! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted a blog entry, but school is out for the summer so perhaps I’ll have a bit more free time to impart my vast fashion knowledge upon you. Or maybe I’ll just spend my free time eating Funyuns. Who knows what I do.
As for today, I bring you the latest installment of an addiction of mine known as Stitch Fix, although SF seems to be doing their part to wean me off of their service; my last few fixes have been less than stellar. Since November, I’ve been working off various credits – referral credits from here or from friends, gift cards that I’ve received, and the $250 that I received for winning the My Day In Stitch Fix contest a few months ago. So its been a free clothes frenzy for me for the last six months. Alas, I am now down to my final $7 in SF credit; come next fix I’ll have to make the decision about whether I’d like to continue with the service or sever all ties. 
Time will tell.
If you don’t know with SF is, allow me to elucidate. You go to this site:
You fill out a huge style profile. Maybe you include links to your Pinterest page or what not. You pay $20. You get a stylist. She sends you 5 items (usually monthly) based upon what she thinks you’ll like. You try on. You keep, or you send back. If you keep, the $20 is deducted from the cost. Free shipping. No tax. Its pretty fun. 
Here are the items that I got in this month’s fix. As I mentioned, this is my eleventh shipment from Stitch fix. Some have been great (all 5 items kept!) and some have been depressing (kept a mediocre item so that I wouldn’t lose my $20 investment) Regardless, there is just something about waiting anxiously for that surprise box of stuff to arrive. Like 10 year old Heather waiting on line at Taco Bell for a Mexican pizza. You almost drool with anticipation. 
Enough about me. Onto ye fix! 
This one was ok. 4 items that were eh. 1 item that I just LOVED. 
First we have the Aggie Sleeveless Side Gathered Striped Maxi Dress by Pomelo $68
The colors – a pale mint and cream – were really very pretty, so its a shame the rest of this dress was a train wreck. I enjoy a good maxi dress as much as the next girl, but the asymmetrical weird broken stupid ass stripes on this one made me look like a barge or a ham. It looked like a dress that a second grader tried to sew herself, but it went awry. It was dumb. It was silly. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I sent this one back. I’d love for someone to really explain WHAT this designer was going for here. How dumb is this dress? Ok I’m done. 

Next in my pile of rejects is the Wrenn V-neck Jersey top from 41Hawthorn, which is a SF house brand. I do like this color, but the rest of this top is pretty mediocre. I’m not sure why SF keeps sending me things with a cowl neck when I’ve specifically said I hate cowl necks, but that is neither here nor there. It has cap sleeves, which are pretty unflattering on all but the thinnest upper arm, so you can imagine how they made my  little pork chop arms look. The topper is that this shirt was $48. No thank you. PS – the skirt in this pic is also a Stitch Fix item from way back in November that I’m actually yet to wear in public. It may be coming to an eBay store near you soon.

Next is the Canary Yellow Bella Textural Ikat Wrap Scarf from Echo, for $32. They use the term wrap very loosely here – this is definitely NOT large enough to use as a wrap. It was ok. I might pick this up in Marshalls for $9.99, but $32… nay. Plus, its hot as hell on Long Island in the summer, so I’m doubtful that I’d get much use out of a summery scarf.

This dress had potential, and I’ve seen other reviewers really love it. The Callafia Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress from 41Hawthorn ($68) You’d think some of the house brand items would be cheaper, but, alas, they are not. Anyhow, I love this color – it is my favorite color (or colour if you’re in England) to wear during the warm months. It was a little big, though – I have it pulled pretty tightly around me to avoid a boob pop-out. Also, its nearly mid-calf on me, which really is a terrible length. If it was a tiny bit smaller and 2 inches shorter I may have kept this… especially because, as you can see, it magically matched the earrings that I am wearing today (from Anthropologie)

Ah, the silver lining item. The item that makes all of the sorting through average, ill-fitting, and just ugly items worth it.

The keeper.

If you know me, you KNOW that I love a good horizontal stripe, and I especially love a navy and white stripe combo. It makes me feel like a really well dressed ship captain. Maybe even a clammer or a shrimp boat operator. I feel like they wear this sort of thing.

So, here it is. The Kayli Stripe Cotton Fit & Flare Dress from Pomelo, for $78. I normally would never spend this much on a single item, but as I mentioned I still had a bunch of SF credit to use, so what the hell. It is a really soft knit, but it is fully lined so that you don’t get to see my cellulite. Lucky you. It isn’t low cut and its knee length, so this will be a good contender for Sunday Mass. You *know* I will be featuring this item on my cruise in 10 days.

So, there you have it. Another Fix in the books. I’m wildly uncertain if I will continue after next months fix, but for the time being, I’ll have fun pondering and dreaming about what Melanie (my stylist) might send me next month…

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