I’m Officially A Fix Junkie

So, I stitch fixed again.

That’s right.

And I’ll do it again, I’m sure.

In case you didn’t read my last post (shame on you!) I’ll give you a synopsis again about how it works. You pay $20. You fill out a Bible-sized style profile/size profile. They hand pick 5 items for you on whatever basis you chose (monthly, etc) You try on at home. You buy or you send back. No shipping, no tax. If you buy, the $20 styling fee comes off your purchase price.

If you want to try – and you should, because its really fun – follow this link:

Stitch Fix Weeeeeee!!!

If you go, please use my link, as I will get store credit and you will further enable my sick shopping addiction. Thanks in advance.

I have to say, although fun, this wasn’t my favorite fix of all time, you know, out of the two I’ve experienced so far. I loved two items, but they were pricey.

The first was this sheer deep teal shirt. I don’t think the color translates well in the photo, but its a favorite of mine – a deep, dark green. When I wear this color, people actually notice that I have blue eyes. It’s like magic. Also, I think its very artsy and stylish in an “I look good and I didn’t even try, I’m just gifted with an innate fashion sense” sort of way.

But, you can see my bra, which is a slight issue. I could wear a tank under it. I’m pretty torn on this one.

I also enjoyed this gray/black dotted sweater. When I pulled it out of the box, I hated it… but on, I sorta like it. I can’t decide, though looking at the photo I look pretty thin, so it may be a keeper.
Now, we have the mediocre. I asked for a scarf, because as you well know if you’ve met me or read me, I am a lover of all things scarf. This scarf, while pretty, just didn’t stand out to me as anything special. Sorry scarf, you’re going back.

And now for the things that I hated. Wow, I just HATE these two items. First, this sweater. Why would anyone with any fashion sense wear this sweater? Could it be any more average – any more Midwestern soccer mom?? Ugh. I’m appalled that they thought I would like this.

As if it couldn’t get worse, here is what I would look like if I was a sailor-streetwalker hybrid. This is the worst dress ever made. IT HAS SHOULDER PADS. I need a shower now, I’m so upset.
Will I fix again? I sure will.
What did I learn? I learned that peplums are the work of Satan, and that I should be a little more specific in my Stitch Fix Profile next time around.
Happy Fixing!!!

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