We’re BACK

To quote a wise man commenting on the reunion of Van Halen, We’re BACK!! And we’re better than ever. We’re BACK! Thanks, Jim Norton.

Well, its been a year and a half since I’ve taken the time to write a blog entry. To be honest, I didn’t even remember my password. But, alas, I have persevered through the password retrieval process and I sit here before you a woman ready to discuss fashion circa March 2013.

Its that time of year, again. The last, seemingly unceasing, days of winter, when we stand on the precipice of spring. Oh yes. For us north easterners this has seemed a long, cold winter – replete with chilling wind and an abundance of snow. I say that makes the advent of spring that much more exciting. Or, perhaps, as I can tell from my overly poetic language, it has just made us stir crazy and in need of oxygen. Either one. Regardless, as the days get longer and the sun shines more, I tend to want to break out my spring clothes and pack away my sweaters, despite the possible persistence of 50 degree weather.

Now, I was that girl who showed up in a full-on winter ensemble for the first day of school in September every year. I would suffer in a sweater, jeans, and boots in spite of the lingering summer heat. Likewise, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been known to sport a pair of sandals in March. In order to avoid pit stains in September and frostbitten feet in March, allow me to suggest to you some ways to incorporate a little bit of spring into your life now. I think it will allow you to feel like you’re pulling yourself out of that deep, cold well known as winter, while at the same time, you’ll be clothed enough so that you won’t expose yourself to cold weather, thereby weakening your immune system, eventually resulting in developing a spring cold because your body is just not able to fight off an antigen all because YOU wanted to wear peep toe cork wedges and a halter top during a blizzard.

Transition pieces. You should get some. Incorporate these 4 – count ’em one, two, three four – transitional items into your wardrobe. Winter won’t seem quite as long. I’ll share with you my favorite transitional items from my collection (yes, I think of my closet as my COLLECTION) and then I’ll include a few suggestions with shopping information.

Ahh, the peep toe bootie. Mine, naturally, are from Loft, and are, for your convenience, still available. Now, I didn’t quite understand the idea of an opened toe boot for some time. Why wear a boot if your feeties are going to catch a chill? Well, after many hours of thought, I’ve come to realize that these, my friends, are the ultimate in seasonal transition footwear. Clearly not meant for the height of summer or depths of winter, peep toe booties protect your feet (well, 89% of your feet) from the cold, but still allow you to show off that Winter’s Almost Over pedicure.

The color yellow. I dare you to suggest a color that connotes the very idea of sunshine more than yellow. You cannot, as sunshine itself IS yellow. Why not throw a yellow shell, like the one pictured here (from Marshalls), under a sweater for work? In a few months, you’ll be able to wear a piece like this on its own. Its like injecting a little sunshine into your life. I wish I could have thought of a statement less lame than that, but the idea of sunshine and yellow just makes me silly I guess.

Pretty colored cardigan sweaters. Get some! Gosh, my uniform in life is pretty much pants/jeans, shell + pretty sweater. Orange? Yellow? Turquoise? Peach? Spring, in knit form. Plus, Mima loves them. (PS – 2 of those sweaters I bought at yard sales for .25 each!)

Bright scarves are a great way to cheer me up, so if you ever come upon me sad and crying, go out and buy me a pretty scarf. I’ll be so happy. Scarves in spring/summer colors are the chimera of the fashion world. On the one hand, their bright colors suggest Spring! Summer! Flowers! Foliage! Tropical things! On the other hand, they keep your neck warm. A paradox, indeed.

This cardigan, from Loft, has Spring written all over it… and yet it is long sleeved, so you won’t freeze your hiney off. Or, at least you won’t freeze your arms off.
If you don’t have tons of money to invest in Spring items, consider this sweater from Old Navy. It comes in about 890 colors and is currently only $19.
Although I am rarely able to afford them, Anthropologie has the best scarves ever. This one would look just superb with the cardigan, above, don’t you think?
This scarf, from Loft, is called the “delightful dots” scarf, and it is, indeed, delightful.
First of all, these boots are from Timberland. Did you know they made non-hiker type items? I did not. These boots would make me feel like a sexy Jane Eyre. What the deuce, Janet??
These booties, from Nine West, are strangely alluring to me. Its like when I wear them I’ll feel like some sort of weird hip hop beachy gangster basketball player in the summer time.
This is a great yellow layering piece from Tinley Road. Wear it under a sweater now, wear it alone in the summer. I found this on the Piperlime website. Plus, I really enjoy the necklace pictured.
Don’t neglect your feet! They need some spring too. These yellow flats from Vince Camuto will make you glad you’ve put off getting that pedicure, thus forcing you to hide your badly chipped toenails.
Well, I hope I’ve inspired you to go out and purchase/find some pinnacle transitional pieces to coerce your dull winter wardrobe into the sunlight.
Next up: making sweaters, hats and afghans out of cat hair.

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