The Cold Weather Trinity

I know, I know… you’re sad and depressed that summer is over. You’re further sad and depressed because we’ve now “lost” an hour of daylight thanks to daylight savings… I know you are sad and depressed about this because I’ve read it ad nauseum on my Facebook feed daily for the last two months.

Stop your crying. Don’t you know, don’t you know that the chilly weather period just prior to the “oh my God/Yahweh it’s snowing 12 inches daily which I also know because I’ve seen 40 pictures of snow on my Facebook feed” period of weather is really and truly the best clothing season of all? Oh it is.

Sure, we all love the warm weather… at first. I’ll freely admit that on that first warm day in April I’m the first person who can be found digging out my capri pants and throwing on a sleeveless yellow tank top prematurely. But who among us, after a week and a half of 85 degree weather, isn’t complaining about the heat, the sweat, the frizzy hair, etc? And, might I challenge you further, who among us enjoys things like sweaty pit stains, toe blisters from too-tight strappy sandals and visible cellulite? None of you, unless some of you are masochists, you sick bastards. In which case, I have a pair of annoying Steve Madden gladiators to bequeath unto you.

But the Autumn and early winter… those are the days during which we can all equally embrace comfort and good body image. How, you ask, do I – someone with fat blister prone feet and a lump or two on my bottom half – achieve Fall Fashion enlightenment? Well, the answer to that, my friend, is the Fall and Winter Holy Trinity of clothing; boots + jackets + pretty scarves = fantastic. Excellent. Thin, put together, comfortable, wonderful, and all other kinds of positive adjectives.

Let me elucidate.

Boots. For me, boots are the highlight of the cold weather. Not only do they look lovely, but, as a special added bonus – you get to wear socks! Any socks! Here a sock, there a sock, everywhere a sock sock! Here’s a secret – I often wear 80’s style scrunch socks beneath my beautifully polished leather boots. Nary a blister to be found.

Jackets. I’m not sure why, but I just feel like a good jacket is the cherry on the top of my clothing sundae, especially when they have a fitted shape.

Scarves. I used to do theatre, and therefore I love scarves. They make an otherwise boring outfit seem artsy and interesting. They bring color near your face and brighten your eyes and complexion. In a pinch, you can use one a kite. Go buy some scarves.

What does one wear beneath the holy trinity, you ask? My go-to outfit, right now, are dark dark DARK wash jeans and a black turtleneck, but any old jeans/top combination will do; try swapping out the jeans for black dress pants, a denim skirt, khakis, gray tweed pants… the possibilities are endless.

I forced my husband to photograph me today in this outfit. Its a favorite. Here I am in Loft jeans… a Loft black turtleneck… Loft jacket… and, you guessed it, Loft boots. The scarf, just to shake things up a bit, is from my other favorite store, Marshalls. It was $7.99. As a sidenote, don’t ever discount Ebay as a great place to peruse for fashion favorites – I purchased this tweed jacket AND the leather boots on Ebay – both new with tags – for $15 each. It was a proud day for me when they both arrived. Almost like I gave birth, but without the mess.

These are the base pieces that I’m currently in love with. The dark wash boot cut jeans are from Loft, as is the black relaxed fit turtleneck (which, incidentally, I’m actually wearing right now)

If you’re just starting to build your jacket wardrobe, might I suggest a neutral, like this charcoal gray item from Loft?

You don’t have to spend a ton to get a great little jacket – this one is from Old Navy. Its probably like $2.

Not sure why, but I’m strangely drawn to this tweed/leather combination jacket from The Limited. It makes me feel like I’m still an English Professor, but maybe I also ride a motorcycle. You never know with me. Although, I have to say, the skirt they’ve paired it with totally doesn’t match. I’d love it with a dark denim pencil skirt and knee high boots.

Sometimes we all get melancholy in the cold weather months, so why not brighten your mood with a pretty jacket like this one, from Boden USA.

I like this jacket, from Anthropologie, because if I wore it I’d feel like a really sexy bagpiper.

I’ve been coveting these boots, from Bandolino (available on Piperlime) for months. Alas, I found a similar pair from Loft on Ebay for $15. Yes, I know I’ve already told you that, but I’m really proud of that purchase. These are such a nice, classic shape, and the small platform makes them easy to walk in.

Back pain? Yeah, me too. On those days, I wear a wedge boot. These are also from Bandolino.

Oh. My. God. I love these boots, from Nine West. What a classic shape that will never go out of style – and they’re available in three colors. I love them in this camel color. They feel so “Ivy League School in the 70’s” to me.

These boots, from Steve Madden, are so different and interesting. The wedge makes them comfortable; the weird gray-taupe color makes them edgy. I want them.

A boot with built in socks, you say?? Sign me up. From Ugg Australia.

I’d put on this scarf in mid-November and it would remind me of the deep blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Which I’ve never seen. But I can easily see this scarf, because its from Old Navy.

I like this scarf, from Loft, but can’t really think of anything witty to say about it.

This scarf, from the Limited, is like really attractive camo. This is what they’d make me wear if I enlisted, I assume.

I have this scarf, from Anthropologie, on my Christmas wish list.

If you buy this scarf, from Anthropologie, you can tell people that you made it, because it sort of has that handmade look.

Next up… Turbans and Polka dots… they’re not just for people in Turkey anymore.

2 thoughts on “The Cold Weather Trinity

  1. azusmer

    The clothes are half the reason I love fall too! We definitely share a love of anthropologie scarves. There was another one I saw on there that is amazing but so is the price tag…$495!! DSW has amazing boots right now I just picked up a dark brown pair with buckles up the back. I am obsessed with them. Great blog and can't wait to hear about the turbans!


  2. Lady Hill

    As a theater person, I also love my scarves. This is my favorite time of year for clothes. Boots plus scarves minus snow make for a very happy Kerri.
    That turban just went on my Christmas wish list. Thank you for helping me navigate my way through the fashion world.



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