Raindrops keep falling on my feet…

There are so many major problems plaguing our world today.

Hunger. Disease. Poverty. Wet feet in June because you’re not sure what shoe to wear that is simultaneously seasonal and protective.

Since Bono isn’t working on the latter issue, I thought I’d share a few of my ideas with you about what to wear on your tootsies during warm, albeit wet, weather.

Who among us hasn’t suffered an annoying wet foot experience on a wet May morning? Its hot. You can’t possibly wear closed toe heels because your sausage feet swell in the heat and the incline is just unbearable… but, conversely you also can’t see wearing your new flat Steve Madden gladiators, because you’ll have wet-between-the-toes syndrome all morning long. Fear not! I’ve scoured the Internet and found you some shoes that are puddle proof (well, don’t jump right into a puddle – you’re not 8 years old for God’s sake) but also summery and attractive. If you want my advice, I’d pair all of these shoes with some sort of ankle length pant. I’m partial to the khaki, but they’d all be great with dark jeans, olive green, white, etc. Go ahead and wear some of them with skirts, but it kind of defeats the purpose of dressing for inclement weather if your legs are going to get soaked, now isn’t it?

Even though it might be raining, these yellow leather flats, from Boden, will make you feel happy and keep your toes dry.

You want to look summery, but you also hate wet toes. Try these closed toe denim espadrilles, from Boden.

Who knew Boden had such cute shoes, like these little moccasins? Who even knew Boden existed??

These flats, from Burberry, are like little blue rain slickers.

I’d wear these flats, from Crocs, in the rain and feel like a tennis superstar, but I wouldn’t be wearing a tennis skirt because those are rather short.

I HATE rainboots. Hate hate hate. Sorry Jps. But these wedge boots, from Hunter, might have me converted.

Rainy outside but a tropical beach on your feet, from Lucky Brand.

You’re so damn high off the ground in these espadrilles, from Steve Madden, that you could wade through a lake and not get wet. You may, however, break an ankle. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Maybe you hate cloggs, but I love them. I had a black pair in high school that I wore to death. I’d wear this pair, from Uggs, and feel like a eclectic hippie, but one who bathes regularly.

Black patent flats, like these from Vaneli, are my wet weather staples. Plus the brand name reminds me of my favorite band, Milli Vanilli.

I’m not a big fan of sneakers. I only wear them when I have to, like at the gym. These shoe-sneaker hybrid things, from sketchers, are kind of cute, though. I’d wear them with khakis and a little white sweater on a rainy day.

Now, if only there was a closed toe shoe that isn’t the mortal enemy of the pedicure…

1 thought on “Raindrops keep falling on my feet…

  1. Mrs. Jordan

    I used to have those Sketchers in black and they are so comfortable. And yes, I didn't know Boden existed until last month when they sent me an 80 page catalog the size of an index card.



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