Spring’s Lucky 13

When spring finally starts to poke it’s head through the cold winter ground its like waking up from a nice, long, restful nap.

Naturally, the first thing that I want to do when spring has sprung, or when I wake up from a nap I suppose, is go shopping. For things. Many many many new spring things. Tanks! Skirts! Sandals! A new purse! Yellow things! Blue things.

I can probably tell you why Spring is my favorite time of year, and why Easter is my favorite of all holidays. I trace it all back to my shopping mother. Every year for Easter I would get a new dress, replete with fancy white tights, little white patent shoes… and a new purse, gloves, hat, poncho, earrings, necklace, etc. Easter basket? Nay, I say, Easter shoes! Easter bracelet! Easter pocketbook!

I’m not so much into the little white gloves these days, though.

Alas, it is 2011, and my bank account is sad. Tanks and capris abounding I am not destined to have this year.

We can dream though, no?

I like to pretend that a well dressed and very generous fashion genie comes upon my house, and grants me 13 fashion wishes for this year’s Spring/Summer wardrobe. Yes, 13, not 3. I said he was a very generous genie. Here are my picks:

Right now, embellished tanks, like this pink one, are only $10 at Old Navy! I may have bought a white one yesterday…

And I might have also bought this leopard cardigan… Also from Old Navy.

I might actually own this top, from Loft. I should probably check my closet.

I enjoy this top, from Anthropologie, because if I were to wear it I’d feel like a really cool Asian hippie.

Well, isn’t this a snazzy little number, from Halston? I’d love it more if it was $3.75 instead of $375.00.

I hope I don’t sit in a pile of chocolate when I wear these white linen pants, from Loft.

I’d love to own these Gap jeans because they would make me feel like a sailor, and ever since I read Moby Dick I’ve secretly wanted to become a deck hand on a whaling vessel.

What is better than a skirt, like this one from Ann Taylor, that completely covers my cellulite? Perhaps a basket full of onion rings, but that’s about all that I can think of that I’d prefer to owning this skirt.

I wanted JPS to buy this Coach wristlet for her trip to Italy, but she slapped me, called me stupid, and told me that the bag was ugly. I, respectfully, disagree. I love the little wristlet.

Oh Kate Spade bag, Kate Spade bag… wherefore art thou $395? I wish I could afford ye.

I love these Helios stud earrings from Anthropologie. Its like my ear is the solar system and my ear hole is the earth, or something like that.

A neutral espadrille is to Summer as cream is to an oreo, except you can’t eat an espadrille. Nor can you eat summer. From Dolce Vita.

I love seahorses and seashells and things with seahorses and seashells on them, like towels and blankets and little bags and these sandals, from Mystique.

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