Lucky Thirteen

Enjoying the snow?

Me either. Lets talk about Spring.

I know you don’t believe me, but I promise you… it’s coming.

And nothing warms me from the inside out, on a snow laden day, like imagining myself foraying out into the warm Spring air for the first time in a new outfit.

I’m not sure if the word “spring” should be caplitalized, but I’m going to continue doing that out of respect for warm weather, which I am so desperately in need of.

If you’re like me, you have a massive arsenal of clothes that you’ve accumulated throughout the years that will still be perfectly good outfit contenders this Spring and Summer. That being said, every good wardrobe needs a bit of brightening and freshening up now and again… think about throwing open your bedroom window wide and letting the spring breeze (minus the pollen) enlighten and enliven your closet.

Having a late winter birthday may be the greatest gift my parents have ever given me. Oh March 14th, how you have bestowed upon me fashion greatness. My plan has been to hoard any gift certificates that I receive for Christmas and combine them anything that I receive for my birthday… and plan a big ol‘ Spring fashion shopping spree in March.

Below are thirteen items that are meant to inspire you, get you amped up for Spring, and bring some new life to your dreary almost-end-of-winter closet. I know they’ll all be featured guests when I go on my birthday spree (anyone want to come with?)

After a few seasons of dark, skinny jeans, I’m ready to lighten and loosen up. From Loft.

For the spring and summer, I love pretty floral dresses. I dress them up for work with heels and a sweater, or I’ll wear them on the weekends with flipflops. This one is from White House Black Market. When in the hell did it become White House Black Market + random other colors?

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, when I put on a sweater in a pretty spring color, like this one from Old Navy.

Every spring I have to stock up on some more pretty tanks. This one, from Old Navy, is adorable… and cheap.

Sometimes in the springtime, I like to go to Germany and frolic through the woods looking for wild flowers and mushrooms. When I do that this year, I’ll wear this shirt, also from Old Navy.

This year, I must own something yellow. Its like the sun has risen all over my torso. This yellow button down is from Ny&co, and is washable/no iron!

It wouldn’t be spring for me unless I bought something striped and nautical (I actually just bought a nautical tee yesterday at Tjmaxx, but I digress) This sweater is great for those early spring days, when its still a wee bit nippy. From Loft.

I like to wear skirts, like this one from Gap, because then no one can see my fat legs.

I love a casual cotton pant. I own this pair, from Loft, in 3 colors and plan to add this Olive pair to my collection soon.

Sometimes my feet just need a break from big heels. These low wedges, from Nine West (check the DSW website for them) look great with a skirt or under a pair of jeans or cotton pants.

I love these sandal/heels hybrid shoes from Franco Sarto. So ethnic, so spring, so I must own them asap.

I absolutely love this woven shoulder bag, from Cole Haan. I’d take off that ugly long strap and just wear it over my shoulder.

And finally, I’d love to add a cute spring jacket to my wardrobe. Neutrals are great, but I also love this little pink number, from Old Navy.

One thing that will not be on my list this spring… short sleeve button down shirts! Please don’t let me buy them – I keep giving them away at every book club!

Happy shopping.

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