Gonna Dress You Up In My Love

And by “love” I mean some cozy cold weather sweaters.

Like many items of clothing, sweaters and I have a long and passionate history.

When I was in the 5th grade, I had a gray angora sweater that I just thought was the cat’s meow. I was larger than the average 11 year old, so I was already shopping in big girl stores. Well, this little number was from the classiest class of store known as Fashion Bug.

Oh how I loved this sweater. It was pale gray angora. It was a Marilyn style sweater – it even came a little bit off of my shoulders! Oh how I felt like such a grown up when I slipped on my gray angora sweater from Fashion Bug. It was like putting on confidence – like putting on maturity.

I wore it until it pilled and there were holes in the armpits. It was a sad sad day in Heather’s world when I finally had to retire the sweater, but I will always remember it fondly as my first big girl sweater – my first foray into into womanhood.

When I was 25 I woke up one fall morning and thought to myself, “you must go out and purchase an emerald green sweater.” I had just come to the conclusion that emerald green was my “color” and my life would simply not be complete if I could not track down this elusive green sweater.

I spent months upon months questing for this sweater. I found grass green, olive green, teal green, celery green… alas, there was nary an emerald green sweater to be found. I became consumed with the very notion of this sweater that I was obviously destined to have. Why, fate, are you keeping me from my sweater?

Well, thank God in December of that year Gap finally eased my pain and I was able to purchase an emerald green cable knit sweater, which, although it is horribly out of style now (it shows my navel for God’s sake!) it still sits in my drawer as reminder of my toilsome journey to seek the sweater and bring it home.

Dramatic? Maybe, but can you think of one other article of clothing that exudes comfort by its very design? (shhh a sweatshirt does NOT do the same thing) On a cold January evening, could you possibly ask for more than a cozy oversized sweater, a couch, a good movie and a cup of hot cocoa? I submit you could not.

That being said, its time to shop for some new-old favorites, as cold weather will soon be upon us. Here are some of my picks. They’re soft, loose, comfortable… they’re ready envelope your body in a woolly-cottony-rayonywhateverotherfabricy sweater hug. Just say yes to the sweater.

I just purchased this olive green sweater last week from Loft. When I wear it I’ll feel like a really attractive mossy rock or lichen.

Ah… the black turtleneck. My husband absolutely abhors them… I think they’re quite possibly the greatest cold weather staple ever. They get pretty pilly from constant wear, so I replace it every year. This one, below, from the Gap has been my choice for the last 3 years, but Old Navy also has a similar sweater with a cheaper price tag.

For years, as soon as it started to get a little crisp outside I immediately wanted to order 19 wool sweaters from Jcrew. Well, lately I feel like Jcrew has gotten very weirdo-city-hipster, and I just can’t wrap my head around a lot of their items. This sweater takes me back to my college days when Jcrew was still preppy and lovely.

I’m not usually a vest person, but I think I could get into this sweater vest from Old Navy. I’d probably throw it over a white, sheer, long sleeved tshirt and a pair of jeans.

This sweater coat, also from Old Navy, makes me want to curl up on the sofa and eat a cake while watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I think that movie won several Oscars because its so great.

I was pretty studious in high school, but I don’t think I could have gotten into an Ivy League school even if I’d applied. This argyle sweater, from Old Navy (wow they have a lot of good/cheap items this Fall) makes me feel as if I’m strolling the campus of Princeton with a calculus text book under my arm.

I love this sweater/poncho from C&C of California because it reminds me of Junior High, when it was cool to tuck your BUM Equipment sweatshirt into your bra, and show a little belly button. This sorta has that same “inappropriate bare midriff” shape, but more grown up, if that’s possible.

I am head over heels for this Kimono sweater from Anthropologie because now I can finally live out my dream of pretending I’m a character in Memoirs of a Geisha.

I really love dogs, and now with this sweater from Anthropologie, you can tell that I do just by looking at my sweater.

Do not underestimate Victoria’s Secret as a great source for sweaters. They have pages and pages of them on their website, and they’re not nearly as whorish as one might assume. This burnt orange knit makes me feel like its Thanksgiving day and I’m eating a whole pecan pie.

I like this sweater, also from VS.com, because it has a “snow bunny” vibe. I’d obviously also be bearing my belly, like the model, if I owned it.

This red, slouchy turtleneck from VS.com, is great for Christmas. Its pretty loose, so you can eat several bowls of pasta with hazelnuts and oil, a loaf of bread and 40 lemon bars and people won’t be able to see your bloated muffin top.

Many of you have asked that I include links to the items in the blog. Well, I saved the links but they are just too long to paste here. If you see something you like and cannot find it online, let me know and I will send you the link!

6 thoughts on “Gonna Dress You Up In My Love

  1. Lady Hill

    The vest from Old Navy looks so comfy!

    I remember those half sweater/sweatshirts… I had drawers full of them. I don't understand how my parents let me wear them. If I were to try to get one on now, it might maybe cover my boobs but that's about it. My belly is not something anyone should ever have to look at.


  2. Lee-Ann

    VS has some great clothing, they are definately not just underwear and bathing suits!

    As a side note, today I was at the Loft and was looking at a top and couldn't help but think of you. Hmmm…to buy or not to buy..and then I thought WWHD…what would Heather do? So i made the purchase 😉 What I love about a lot of their sweaters this year is that they are light weight. Here in FL I am not going to get any use out of a heavey knit sweater.


  3. h

    Awww! Well, I'm glad *I* convinced you to make the purchase. Which one was it? I just bought a few items from there, and ordered a few more online.


  4. Mrs. Jordan

    I, too, replace my black turtlenecks every year. I buy both a fitted one like you posted and I more loose one (without the band on the bottom) so I can consume large amounts of creamy soups during the cold months and avoid the aforementioned muffin top.


  5. AlysonCrowley

    I remember every fall I would buy tons of sweaters from JCrew and wear them even before it was cold enough.. I would just wrap them around my waist (because that's always a super flattering look) and I still have some of those sweaters in the dry cleaning packages just because I can't part with them lol!



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