Prior to the fall fashion blog and my much needed blog-fashion-sabbatical, I had begun researching a blog on accessories that I just thought you and I could not live without. Well, I had all of the photos saved on my computer, so I figure that I may as well share them with you.

Jewelry and scarves, to me, are, quite literally the icing on the cake. Ok, maybe not literally, because that would mean that I am made of cake, but you catch my drift. A hunk of yellow cake is lovely… but a hunk of yellow cake covered in chocolate frosting that I’ve painstakingly piped on in a shell patter? Divine.

Now I ask you, do you want to be an Entemann’s cake sans the delicious marshmallow icing or do you want to be that stunning strawberry shortcake in the boutique bakery window? I think we all know the answer to that. Besides, cake is awesome.

Some items are for fun and some items are forever. Those of you that know me in real life I’m sure have seen me wear this necklace many times. Its a staple for me – a signature piece if you will. I encourage you to seek out a piece like it – something that you think just has your name written all over it. I guess this one does have my name sort of written all over it, as its an initial pendant, but your signature piece might be a stunning watch… beautiful sapphire studs… a funky right hand cocktail ring. Explore. Experiment. I found my jewelry identity, below, on

Wear this bracelet from Loft and you look like, I dunno, a stylish artist? A funky biker? Regardless, its hot. Go buy it.

Lauren Merkin makes the most stunning clutch bags. This python bag is surprisingly neutral.

This bohemian scarf from Old Navy makes me want to not shower for a week and read a copy of the Feminine Mystique. Ok, I’d shower but maybe not shave my armpits.

This bracelet, also from Old Navy, is a show stopper.

What a weird, yet strangely alluring, scarf from Anthropologie. Its like a fabric donut that goes around your neck.

I try and invest in one funky pair of earrings from Anthropologie per season. This marcasite & turquoise set might be my fall pick.

This necklace, also from Anthroplogie, looks like a string of Robin’s eggs, and who doesn’t love wearing a dozen or so eggs around their neck?

If I could afford this bag, by Lauren Merkin, I’d feel a lot like Grace Kelly when I wore it.

This owl ring, from Mod Cloth, is how I summoned Hedwig to come to my window.

If I owned this ring, by Kenneth J Lane, I’d make people look into it, because it seems very hypnotizing.

Juicy Couture, you’re really surprising me lately with some of your accessories. And here I thought you just catered to skinny 17 year olds who longed to wear words written across their ass. My apologies.

I have a pair of blue rose-shaped studs from Anthropologie. If I had waited I could have ordered this set, from Forever 21, for 1/8th of the price.

When you’re wearing this Burberry bracelet and someone accosts you on the street, you can smack them upside the head and cause a cerebral hemorrhage.

Who doesn’t love a good chandelier earring? I know I love them. These are from Arden B, which I’m pretty sure is like an expensive version of Contempo Casual.

Bored with your standard jewelry that you always tote out for a formal affair? Try this Anthropologie cuff instead.

Look for a new blog next weekend! Topic TBA – suggestions always welcome!

1 thought on “Accessorize!

  1. jennifer

    oooooh. i love the anthro cuff, the blue rose earrings, and the biker bracelet. and lol @ merkin 🙂

    i still rec packing lightly with fall clothes. i wish i could just wear sundresses every day but fall clothes seems so daunting 😦



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