The Kitty and the Tree

Hi readers. It’s been a very busy summer for me, but I’m back and ready to talk about Fall fashion.

From now on I’m going to be writing my new blog posts from our upstate house. With three jobs, I barely have time to breathe at home, let alone write, so my blog will be my new little upstate hobby. You can expect a new blog from me bi-monthly, and perhaps little snip-its here and there if I find some interesting items that I feel you MUST know about.

This new arrangement makes me feel very author-ish, with the whole retreating up to my country house to get some writing done. Lets just hope I don’t go the JD route and start drinking my own pee. I’m pretty confident that I’m not that close to the ledge, though. Yet, at least.

Anyhow. Fall fashion. Its always been a subject very near and dear to my heart. I’ve mentioned a few times that I was reared and raised by a bonafide shopaholic. As a result, back-to-school shopping was sort of a religious experience. Without fail, every year I’d pick out five new outfits, two “gym” outfits, 2 new pairs of shoes and a new pair of sneakers, as well as a new backpack and a new purse. Yes, I carried a purse to kindergarten. Where else would I have stashed my chap stick, candy cigarettes and My Little Pony comb?

I was able to gain funding for my August spree through college. Even at age 22, I was able to convince my mother that new shirts were imperative – a new purse was in dire need. Believe me, she didn’t take much convincing.

Now, as an adult, as soon as we pass that famous Summer fashion turning point – July 4th – my mind swims with thoughts of boots and sweaters and suede and cashmere. I was obviously that girl who showed up on the first day of school in my new jeans/boots/sweater combo despite the fact that it may have still been ninety degrees out.

For the week preceding the first day of school, each night I would lay out all of my new acquisitions on my bed and think of all of the different outfits they might make… I’d combine them with things I already had and I would put on a fashion show EVERY night for my parents. Its no wonder my mother didn’t want another child.

Am I the only person that still likes to lay all of my new shopping purchases out on my bed and stare at them in all their glory before they find their new home in my closet? I hope not. You probably pay a lot for your purchases – go ahead and admire them a little bit.

This Autumn I have quite a list of items/styles/fabrics/colors that I am coveting. Once the weather starts to feel a little crisp, I immediately want to wear colors only found on trees. Fall trees are at the pinnacle of fashion, as far as I’m concerned. Burgundy… burnt orange… camel… grass green… they all just make me want to pick a pumpkin or jump in a pile of leaves or something of the sort. I also like teal, which is obviously not found on a tree to my knowledge, but, oh well, I crave this color as well.

This wrap sweater, from Loft, actually looks like I threw a bunch of leaves over my shoulder.

I really enjoy this pink, dramatic sleeved sweater from Loft. It makes me feel very Romeo & Juliet, except I don’t plan to commit suicide and I’m not 14 years old. That little whore.

This sweater, from The Limited, will be you best friend and won’t tell the world if you gain a few pounds, b/c its billowy shape will conceal it. Also, this Asian has great shiny hair.

Some days I want to look like a fall goddess, but its just too hot out. This shirt, from The Limited, is not a comfortable cap sleeve shape, but its also made out of tshirt material.

I can just see myself basting a turkey and baking an apple pie in this pumpkin colored top, from The Limited. Wow, I wish there was a Limited near me so I could actually try on some of these items.

If “cozy” were a sweater, it would be this tan little number from Guess.

I don’t go out often, but when I do I’ll be wearing this little black tunic. How can I not? Its made by the brand “Heather.”

This little plaid top, from Old Navy, looks ideal for a weekend of apple picking upstate, and its flannel plaid look reminds me of my high school days, when I looked like a grungy boy.

Normally I don’t bother purchasing button down shirts. I wear them once, and then after I wash them they look like hell and I rarely iron. This one, from Banana Republic, is wrinkle free!

I love a pair of Old Navy cords, like these tan ones, in the fall.

Please please please invest in a denim pencil skirt. They’re seasonless. I wear mine all summer with a tank and espadrilles, and it looks just as great in the fall with boots and a corduroy blazer. This one is from Loft.

I’m so glad I got on board with the skinny jean trend last year, b/c it looks like its coming back for round two this fall. This pair is from Loft. I’m morally opposed, however, to the term “jeggings.”

Cold weather + being an English Professor = I must own tweed pants (These, from The Limited)

Sometimes I feel like a bloated hogger, and I just can’t bear to put on skinny jeans. These wide leg trouser jeans, from 7 for All Mankind, are much more forgiving. And they look great with heeled boots and a sweater.

How hot is this camel sweater dress? Can you believe its from – gasp – LLbean??? I swear its true. If I didn’t have cellulite, I’d buy it for myself.

This dress, from Generra, is a great Summer to Fall transition piece.

I love the rich jewel tone of the top of this dress, from Bcbg. Although I usually swear by their dresses, their fall collection actually sucks this year. They’re all super tight and/or super short. Where’s the love for size 8, Bcbg? The world isn’t ready to see the area between my hip and knee.

Ah, teal. The only color I’ll wear in fall that cannot be found on a maple tree. To compensate, when I wear this Banana Republic dress I’ll drink a shot of maple syrup.

So, I don’t have any weddings to go to this Fall, but if I did, I’d definitely be sporting this stunning green gown, from Rachel Pally.

This Juicy headband makes me feel like I’m a college student circa 1968.

Once it dips below 89 degrees, I break out all of my cool scarves. Its the ex-theatre girl in me, I think. I love this one, from Anthropologie.

Oh Fall… what would you be without a new purse?

I feel that if I purchase this bag, from Juicy Couture, that it might make all of my life’s problems go away. Its simply the most perfect Fall bag, IMO.

When I don my ’68 fall headband, above, I obviously also throw on this embroidered purse. From Anthroplogie.

A little red headed birdie that I know purchased this bag, from Coach, and isn’t sure what to wear with it. I think its a stunning pseudo-neutral. I’d pair it with neutral black, deep chocolate brown, charcoal or gray. It would really pop if paired with a knee-length camel wool coat.

Every girl needs a pair of knee high boots. This pair, from Steve Madden, has a forgiving wedge that is much easier on the back.

Although they’re slightly elf-like, I’m strangely drawn to these Nine West booties.

I had a pair of boots like this in high school and I wore them until the zipper, literally, fell off. This pair is by Kelsi Dagger.

I dream of these teal suede pumps, from Guess, every night.

You need a basic black high heel boot. You just DO. Go and buy these, from Banana Republic.

Sometimes you just don’t have it in you to mentally put on a pair of high heels. On that day, try these suede flats from Steve Madden, instead.

Happy fall shopping! Here is a color guide for you to print out and take with you in your journey to, like myself, look like a tree.

6 thoughts on “The Kitty and the Tree

  1. Lee-Ann

    I have to have that pink sweater from Loft…NOW! And i love love love those teal heels as well. This is the season I miss the most in FL. I just got 2 new pairs of boots (one is a wedge!;) and you know when I will get to wear them? January. Oh well, a girl can dream!


  2. Chrissy

    This came at just the right time as I need all new clothes as I head back to work for the first time in 9 months. Now if I can only convince my husband I need to spend the money for a new fall wardrobe.


  3. Mrs. Jordan

    I need help. As you know, I have not lost all of the Lily-weight. I need to find a belt or two that I can wear with some of my dresses to break up the tent-ness. The usual L/XL that is carried in Loft or NY& co is too small. The ones that are carried in Lane Bryant/Avenue are too yuck.

    Any suggestions?

    I am ordering that denim skirt from Loft.


  4. Allison

    The Rachel Pally dress is amazing. I am in desperate need of fall clothes since I have been wearing maternity clothes for 2 falls in a row. Have you seen the new Gap black pants yet? What do you think?


  5. h

    Christine – Try target for cool/cheap/large sized belts. I get mine there. Also, Marshalls has a pretty nice belt selection, but its hit or miss w/the sizing.

    I have seen the new Gap pants. I even visited them at the store, but I have not yet tried them on. They're nice, but I fail to see why they're different from other black pants?? I usually swear by the Limited for black work pants (except I get them at Marshalls for 16.99)


  6. Lady Hill

    I am in love with everything on this page.
    With my new job starting in the middle of Sept I am in desperate need of fall fashion advice since I can't very well wear my pj's to the upscale bridal salon every day.
    This gave me lots of great ideas, even though my body type can't really wear all of the tops.
    Can't wait to see what you show us next!



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