Big girl food and a big girl job!

I’ve never been terribly closed minded about food per se; I’ve always been pretty open to trying most foods, but there were some foods that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. I’d watch my mom enjoy a Greek salad at a diner and turn my nose up at the mere thought of feta. How could anyone swallow – let alone enjoy – this item that looks, at best, like a dried out curd and smells like a dirty hamper?? Seltzer also alluded me… its not water, its not soda… why bother with this strange and mystical hybrid drink? I didn’t get it.

And then I turned 25.

I’d always heard that your tastes can change as you get older. Quite honestly, it seemed like gobbledygook to me. If I don’t like raisins today, why would I wake up one morning and suddenly tolerate these awful purple little fruit corpses?

And that’s how it happened. I can’t pinpoint a date or a time or a month, but suddenly I was dying for a Greek salad (hell, I’m dying for one right now) and filling my shopping cart with unflavored store brand seltzer. And thus, my big girl palate started to develop.

But, I still hate raisins.

This is a recipe that I have to credit Aileen, a woman that I sing with at church, with. I’ve tweaked it a bit, but had she not made it at a retreat, I wouldn’t be enjoying it tonight at JPS’ wine tasting party. Many of you have had it, b/c it is now a staple in my entertaining repertoire, and I’ll share my sorta-recipe with you below.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a measurer except when it comes to baking, so here are my estimates for a bowl of dip to serve 6 people. Typically, I double the recipe.
2 ripe avocado, diced
2 plum tomatoes, diced
1/2 onion (red, white, whatever) diced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tbsp-ish olive oil (not evoo!!!)
1 tbsp-ish red wine vinegar
1 tbsp-ish chopped cilantro (you can omit this, or use parsley, if you prefer)
1/3 cup crumbled feta

Combine & refrigerate for several hours. I serve it with tortilla chips or pita chips. I usually make a little extra and have it for lunch on a warm tortilla. It is just divine. Definitely try this recipe!!

Now, I’d like to introduce my new colleague, Stella. Stella will be my special helper in the construction of this blog. She’s agreed to model all of the clothes for me b/c 1) I don’t really want to be photographed at this weight 2) They look better on Stella than laid out on my bed

Its amazing what you can find for $8 on ebay.

Thanks Stella! Welcome to the family.

Anyhow, after a year on hiatus, I’ve opted to go back to my former job as an English Professor. Naturally, I’ll be working fervently over the next few months to put together new lesson plans, choose a text book, etc. Most importantly, I’ll have to purchase some new clothes for my newly revisited professional life. I’m sure you’d agree, and I’m sure you all have a need to go out and buy some new work clothes, so come along with me as Stella models some of my go-to work outfits for the classroom; then, I’ll show you some items that I think we all need to go out and purchase! Stacy and Clinton always say – Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason when I put on this corduroy blazer, I feel super-professor-ish. A denim pencil skirt makes this outfit look less “I’m a super anal professor” and more “I may have a masters degree, but I’m not a condescending jerk.” At least, that is my intention. (Blazer, Skirt – Loft; sweater vest – Jcrew; purse – LV)

I don’t know about you, but most days I just don’t have enough energy to bend over in the shower and shave my legs. There’s just so much surface area to cover. On these days, I throw on my favorite Limited black pants (get them at Marshalls! They’re always 16.99!) and a cute shirt from, you guessed it, Loft. Lookin’ good, Stella!

Another wardrobe staple that I often turn to is the jersey dress, here from Bcbg. Ladies, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the jersey dress has a 20 pound fit radius. If you buy it at weight 150 it will also fit you at 170 and 130. Last summer I gained 10 pounds and spent many a day in a jersey dress. I now own about 400 stretchy dresses. They work with sandals in the summer and tights and boots in the winter. Invest!

And I’m not really sure why I took this photo, but here are three random pairs of shoes that I often wear to work (L-R: Ck, Bandolino, Bandolino)

But these are things I already own!! How could I possibly go back to work without restocking, you ask? Well, I could not. Here are some things items that every woman should consider incorporating into her wardrobe:
Classic Black Trouser; Banana Republic

Silk Charmuse shirt in an interesting color; The Limited

Ahh… a Loft top. Sleeveless when its warm; throw a blazer or sweater over it in the fall.

Bcbg holds a very special place in my heart, as my first designer bag was a Bcbg! Plus, their dresses are great, classic pieces.

Although I don’t own a Diane Von Fursterberg dress, I sorta feel like I should get one. Pricey, but the shape is timeless.

And some very special workplace accessories:

Simple pearl choker; Old Navy. (YES Old navy!!)

Interesting heels with some subtle detail; Guess.

Neutral pumps make your legs look super long, and mine look about average length; Nine West.

This is a beautiful shoulder bag from Coach. I could easily fit all of my papers and books into it.

We all have to grow up sometime, I guess. At least I’ll be enjoying my Greek salad in a well tailored outfit and an awesome purse that cost more than 4 months worth of my car payment.

1 thought on “Big girl food and a big girl job!

  1. KK

    Welcome to the family Stella! What does Mima think of your new addition?
    I love all the shoes and bags in this posts. If only 4 inch heels didn't make me feel like the Jolly Green Giant!



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