Welcome to Kitty Cooks In Heels!

Hi! I’m trying the whole blog-thing again, and hope that you’ll take the journey with me. Again. Hopefully I can be a bit more consistant with regard to keeping up with this blog.

Kitty Cooks in Heels will be about a little of everything, but mostly the three cogs that turn the wheel of the life that is Heather: cats, food, and clothes. These are my three favorite superficial (dare I say sociopathological?) interests, and I hope you will join with me as I chat about my three girls, my recipe endeavors, and my fixation with finding good deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories. I hope to catalogue these things for you via my writing and via photographs. I do have this expensive camera that I HAD to have last year; I may as well use it for something. Also, writing makes me feel a little less guilty about wasting so much $$ on my Masters Degree.

My first endeavor – trying to get Lilybeans to take a special photograph to embody the three facets of the blog…

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